What are the events like? This is what attendees are saying


This was my first real excursion by myself into naturism. I had been to a couple of naturist beaches many years ago with a friend but hadn't done any more. 

So when this opportunity to attend a women only event appeared I thought "what the heck, lets just give it a go"!

I'm so glad I did!

The welcome from Louise was really warm and as I arrived early there were only a couple of women in the room. I decided I just needed time to "land" as I'd be travelling for a few hours to get there, so although the other ladies were naked I felt ok about keeping my clothes on at this point. 

As the group assembled, chatting amongst ourselves, I looked around  and as everyone else was now naked I felt I wanted to have this experience too. 

I was made to feel welcome and I think the main thing I took away was that here were a group of women, all ages, etc who just enjoyed being naked. The nakedness wasn't made into a big deal. For me, I don't feel it'll be a lifestyle but it will be something I enjoy from time to time.


The communal meal was lovely and I really appreciated the sense of being welcomed in a non judgemental and accepting group.There was something really great about realising it felt quite odd to be putting on clothes again at the end of the afternoon because  I wasn’t really thinking about nakedness anymore!


I loved all of it, every aspect. The drawing blew me away in particular...the guidance to express ourselves from where we are, not where we think we "should" be was great!

I thought the set-up was perfect. It was good to have the short talk about what is happening in naturism at the moment...the information it included about the legal past and present was amazing!

I thought the joining instructions and opening communications were great - friendly, professional and very helpful!

Also, let us not forget the food which was amazing, all of it, including the fruit... Very well done on it all!