Frequently Asked Questions

What if I have my period?

This is one we’re totally familiar with! And there’s really no need to worry. 

For starters, all our events are ‘clothes optional’ which means you can wear whatever you feel most comfortable in.

This includes not undressing at all, if that’s best for you on the day - that’s absolutely fine and understood by everyone.

Other options that are common include:

Using a tampon with the string shortened or ‘tucked away’. On lighter days, this can be sufficient on its own but you can easily tie a sarong around your waist for added peace of mind. 

You might prefer to wear pants/ bikini bottoms/ leggings- I often do- with my moon cup or a sanitary towel. Again, totally understood and looks fine on its own or again with a sarong tied around your waist.

Other people choose to wear a full sarong  or a dressing gown.

Also, we know these things sometimes take the best of us by surprise. We always have a supply of tampons and sanitary towels at the events and try to leave these somewhere they can easily be seen - just help yourself. Where that’s not possible (like on the walks or swims) just ask!

Can I attend a single event?

Yes, absolutely!

There is absolutely no commitment to attend future events and even if you find that you enjoy what we do, it’s totally understood that you'll probably want to dip in and out as and when.

Is it ok to come on my own?

Many of the attendees do come on their own so you’ll fit right in.

We find that by bringing these groups of likeminded women together, with the wide range of backgrounds, ages, etc, everyone is soon chatting away and making new  friends. We do also have a high level of repeat attendees so once you’ve been once, if you come again it’s likely that you will see some familiar faces. 

Do you take photographs?

Photography is not an actual part of the event (unless we run a workshop which we may do in the future!) and cameras/ camera phones are not used during the day.

That said, we’re really keen to share what we’re doing to encourage more women to join us. As such, we like to include photos of the actual events on our site, rather than photoshopped stock photos.

So, for promotional reasons, just the NW organisers will try and  take a few snaps to capture the spirit of the day.

Anyone who may be in the photograph is individually asked if it’s ok and there’s no worries at all if people would prefer to stay out of frame. 

Where we do take photos, we have  a no nipples or genitals rule - you’ll probably have noticed that if you’ve been browsing through the website. Very often faces are not included either.