Previous Events

March 2019


The  spa in Alexandra Palace bought a new and different feel to the whole day. There was a Hot tub, Sauna and Steam Room which all proved very popular and provided a lovely relaxing way to warm up and chill out. We had the first 45 minutes, before the workshops started, solely to settle in, enjoy the facilities and catch up with everyone- friends we’d come with, women we had met last time and the new faces we were meeting for the first time. The spa facilities remained available throughout the whole event and provided a lovely environment for when we were choosing not to take part in an activity.

The workshops kicked off with a fantastic life drawing session that our amazing and experienced artist and life model had prepared for us. This was a wonderful activity that supported the drawers to explore different ways of seeing and of mark making. Not worrying about perfection but instead focusing on recording and being in the moment. It explored the use of various life drawing techniques and an integral aspect of this session was the opportunity for anyone who wished to try the modelling role - experiencing the artistic process from both sides of the canvas.

A craft area was available throughout the day, with all of the materials required to make some beautiful pennant flag bunting. This activity had been popular during the first event and this was no different - fantastic designs were created - some taken home as a memento of the day and some left with us to be added to the growing NW banner. The craft area also included plenty of naturist information – about naturist clubs, events, days out and other things to do.

For lunch this time there was homemade quiche with a choice of three salads with something for all preferences and requirements – Quiche Lorraine for the carnivores, two vegetarian options – cheese and onion, and broccoli and tomato, a vegan frittata and also a crust-less option. Fresh pineapple and watermelon were available throughout the day, along with hot and cold drinks- and of course- there was also plenty of cake!

The after lunch talk was as popular as it was for the first event, this time it focused on the various initiatives that are happening across Europe in relation to women in Naturism.We were also told about some interesting research that has been undertaken relating to the needs of older female naturists and how these can be supported.

The second workshop of the day provided everything needed to make our own natural skin care products. We learnt about the benefits for our health, the advantages for the environment, how much cheaper it is and the improvements the products can bring to our skin. There was plenty of information about the different properties of the ingredients and how this knowledge can be used to tailor the product we made to our own skin type and preferences. Everyone made products to both use in the spa and then also take home with them. A salt or sugar skin scrub, a body butter and a face cleanser that is particularly good when used with steam- we learnt how to create this at home but for the day at least, it was handy that we were at a spa with a steam room to give it a proper go!

After the second workshop, there was a little time left to enjoy the spa before it our day drew to a close. We had learnt new things, had new experiences, met new people and done it all naked! It really was a great day.

September 2018


 This was a multi activity day in Waterloo. The body positive and body confidence theme ran throughout with each of the activities providing different perspectives and opportunities to explore this area. 

During the life drawing, we found out about the work of our life model, what lead her to choose it as her profession,  the highs and lows of the job. We contributed our thoughts and asked questions on a range of related topics.

Lunch was delicious- home made sweet potato curry or vegetable and bean hotpot, and was followed by a fascinating talk about the influential women in naturism and the impact they have had.

During the folk session, we had poetry, a speech that was so good we wanted to hear it a second time later in the day and a song that provided us all with a cautionary tale! The craft session ran throughout and saw us creating striking pennant flags.  

The day was completed by a truly blissed out yoga session where we learnt about our teacher‘s personal journey to becoming a fully qualified yoga teacher and which ended with a relaxing forehead massage for each of us. 

So, yes- a grest programme of activities- but what really made it special was how open all those attending were to each and every activity and to sharing their experiences, thoughts and ideas with the group. 

This was a first naturist event for about a third of the women who attended- fantastic!