More About Us

Why we do what we do

As women of all ages and backgrounds, we love Naturism and everything it’s bought to our lives. Confidence in ourselves as individuals, positivity and acceptance of our bodies, overall wellbeing, connection with ourselves and others, a sense of freedom and not to mention, its just really good fun!....and we want to share! 

But its not an experience that can be easily described or understood if you’ve not experienced it. We certainly found we had to ‘try it’ before we ‘got it’! So we’re hoping that these women only events with their great mix of quality activities might be just the thing to encourage anyone new to give it a go!

As well as encouraging women to give it a try, we are essentially creating the events that we want to attend ourselves.

We’re absolutely ‘clothes optional’

These events are designed to be supportive, empowering environments encouraging body positivity and wellbeing and where women can take part in fun and interesting activities without wearing clothes.

But we get it. We’re women too. Sometimes you’re just not ‘feeling it’. For whatever reason.

So wearing a sarong, dressing gown, loose shirt, even comfortable clothing- all totally ok with us.

Its your choice- spend the entire time nude, start off clothed and end the day clothes free, decide to cover up for part of the time- however you feel most comfortable. 

The most important thing it that you join us as supporters of our naturist aim, in a spirit of acceptance of everyone present and with a curiosity of what a women only naturist experience could bring to you

What to bring

All of our events are designed so that you don’t have to ‘sign up’ to any of the workshops before hand, nor do you need to bring anything for them with you. This way, you’re not prevented from taking part if you forget, don’t have the right things, or didn’t realise you fancied a particular activity beforehand!

Therefore, you need to bring very little- pretty much everything is provided. 


A sarong or similar is key piece of kit! 

It has multiple uses- to sit on or cover up should you wish at any point or for any reason.

You may like to have something to wear on your feet- shoes/ sandals or flip flops are common.

Whilst all the basics are provided, you are welcome to bring your own things is there is an activity that you would like to do this for. A yoga mat or art materials for example. Really anything you feel would make your day more comfortable or productive.