Clothes Optional Naturist Women’s Events

Body Positive. Wellbeing. Celebration.


Our Events

The primary aim of NaturistWomen is simply to host fun, interesting, positive and inclusive events. We like the multi activity format- something to appeal to everyone and everything both included in the price and also optional. That way, you can do as much or as little as you like and there is no need to decide on anything in advance.

All our events are women only spaces which means that we can place the needs and interests of naturist women at the centre of what we do. We offer a combination of great female led workshops and activities alongside exploration of topics and issues of interest and importance to women, creating opportunities to relax, have fun, learn, be inspired, celebrate ourselves and connect with each other.

We find that this approach, combined with our clothes optional environment appeals to both seasoned naturists and those who are new to or simply curious about the idea. 


Our events are designed with a limited number of attendees and so that there is time and space to get to know each other. We‘ve found that this creates a wonderful sense of community which makes the events really special and means that, whilst we’d love you to come with friends, anyone who comes along on their own will also find it easy to get chatting with everyone there.  

 If you‘re  looking for others to go along to other naturist activities, NaturistWomen is a great place to meet likeminded friends.

Come along and get involved!

We’d love you to come and join us! These Women’s clothes optional naturist events are very much run by us, for us. The activities and workshops change from event to event, with some ‘firm favourites’ making repeat appearances, of course! This keeps it interesting and also enables us to respond to what it is that we all fancy doing at any particular time! 

We‘re completely open to suggestions of what you’d like to do....please just use the contact page or speak to us when you come along to an event. If you’d like to run a workshop- that would be fantastic and we can support you to do this too!